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★ Paypal Payments only, an invoice will be sent to your email.

★ Payments are upfront and all transactions are in USD

★ Taxes will be applied to the price of the commission. 

★ No refunds or cancellations.

★ One edit is allowed per commission. Additional edits may be charged +10%

★ Particle Payments will only be allowed if the artist and client both agree on      a set of terms. This can be discussed once you've sent in an application



★ The artist has the right to reject any commissions

★ DO NOT claim, edit, correct, adapt, modify or change the finished artwork        in any way.

★ Only PERSONAL use of the commissioner only.

★ The artist has full permission to use as a pateron reward.

★ You may not reproduce or sell the image (final or sketch) in any shape or          form. All rights of the image belong to the artist.

★ You will not harass or bother the artist with constant updates when your            commission will be completed. There will be a 3-4 month waiting period for      completion of commissions. Of course, you may ask once for an update.

★ If you do not want me to post the image in any way or form, a $50 hush            fee will be applied

★ Don't ask me to draw in another artist's style. 


✔ Females/Males/Traps/Femboys

✔ Simple Furries (no snouts)

✔ Kemono


✔ Au Ra Scale (additional charges will apply)

✔ Gijinkas

✔ Fanart

✔ Original Characters

✔ Futas


✖ Robots/Mecha

✖ Full Furries/Anthros

✖ Animals

✖ Extreme Fetishes (contact me if your not sure)  

✖ Inflation/Unrealistic body parts

✖ Lolicon porn

✖ Mind Break or Control/ Rape/Crying

✖ Futas with large genitals

✖ Breast sizes over DD

Please direct all your questions to me via Twitter messenger @r0cketLOZer

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